I have been involved with cryptocurrency since 2011 and was a regular participant in a lot of the early technical discussions. I’d like to think that I contributed to the pools of ideas that made up Bitcoin.

I haven’t been involved with the space much in the last few years. However, I had a few ideas that I never published so I thought I might as well put them up on the internet. Some may already be known so the post will be a description of the idea with perhaps my viewpoint.

The Twinecoin name is from back in 2017 around the time of the fork. This caused a resurgence in my interest and I considered putting my ideas into practice. Many of the topics are related to what I had considered for Twinecoin.

Perhaps if there is enough interest, that might still happen. Of course, if there is sufficient interest, then the ideas could be incorporated into other coins so I wouldn’t have to do anything. That would be a win/win situation.

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